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Hi, we are Erica and Tara.  Welcome to our blog, TrippinTwins!  We are twins that have full-time jobs but love to travel, hence our blog name.  We have always traveled, but were not good about writing things down or organizing pictures. So, we created this blog as a way to  keep up with our travels & experiences in a formatted setting.  Through this blog, we are aiming to encourage people to travel, get away from their comfort zones and go see some of the world!

We started traveling with annual family vacations to the AL/FL Gulf Beaches. In high school we got the unexpected opportunity to travel to Greece and Turkey as part of a 7 day land/cruise trip. It gave us the knowledge that it was possible to travel to places we had thought only existed in books. After coming back home, we set a goal to travel to as many cities/countries as possible, believing it was essential to living a well rounded life.

We live in Huntsville, AL, where we were born and grew up. We went to college in Mobile, AL and lived in Northern Virginia for 4 years after college before moving back to our hometown. Due to our schedules, we are focusing on day trips and local travel with a few other domestic/international trips thrown in when we have the time and resources.

Our goal is to make this blog interesting and informative while making it easy to read.  Please leave comments, we would love to meet other travelers & know your thoughts on our posts.

Four Fun Facts about Tara                                                           

Traveled in/around 14 countries

Studied abroad in Germany (College)

Worked as an au pair in Germany

Speaks passable German

Four Fun Facts about Erica

Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place and New York City is my favorite city

Have a slight earring addition. Must buy at least one pair in every city I’m in.

Photography and music are my answer to meditation

Favorite all time song lyric is “So goodbye Alice in Wonderland, Goodbye yellow brick road. There is a difference between dreaming and pretending”

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