Packing: Things you should leave behind…

This is a list of guidelines we use to edit our packing list. Something all of these items have in common is that they are often unnecessary and take away from much needed packing space. We generally are not light packers and do not aspire to get all of our items in a carry on bag. That being said, we don’t enjoy lugging around our body weight in luggage. We have learned that a little editing can go a long way and  would be useful to anyone considering taking a trip. These are items that we advise you to leave behind.
1. Laptop. Unless it’s needed for work. Often, a tablet can substitute and double as an e-reader and music player.

2. Hairdryer. With curly hair, we use to be very picky about ensuring we had enough room in our luggage for the hairdryer & diffuser becausse hotels do not provide ones that work for us. Now, we leave the hairdryer and let out hair air dry. It’s better for our hair and less bulk in our suitcases.

3. Multiple color schemes. Although it is nice to have multiple colors in a wardrobe to choose from, it’s not a good idea for the road. Choosing one color reduces the number of pants, shoes and accessories required.

4.  Extra pairs of shoes. Choose one or two daytime/walking shoes and one pair of dress shoes only. Shoes are bulky and take from available packing space.
5. Accessories. Bring no more than one or two pairs of earrings, necklaces and rings, watches, etc. Do not bring items you will be heartbroken over losing. Things happen and you don’t always come back with what you brought.

6. Shampoo/conditioner/body wash. We use to be sure we always had our favorite items in travel sizes to be travel ready. Somewhere along the line,  we gained some sense and realized using the hotel provided shampoos will be fine for a few days.

7. On the fence wardrobe items.Travel items should only include necessities, not extras that you will contemplate wearing at some point. Chances are if you have not worn it at home, you won’t wear it on the road.

8. Items that wrinkle. You do not want to spend time ironing if you can avoid it. Pack items that travel well and can be shaken out.

9.  Bulky souvenirs. Do not agree to bring these back unless you have a shipping plan (the store, post office) or do not mind lugging them around in your luggage. You are the one that will get stuck dealing with whatever you agree to buy.

Is there anything you can think of I’ve left out? Is there something you keep packing even knowing you may not use? Have you ever bought a bulky souvenir and regretted it?